Tips from Barry Sanders Supercenter for Off-Roading in Your RAM Truck

With summer fast approaching, the folks at Barry Sanders Supercenter could not be any happier. Along with spending more time outside in the sun, you will also be spending more time in your RAM truck! Our friendly sales team would like to share a few tips to help you maximize the amount of fun you have in your RAM 1500 this summer.

While the RAM 1500 is typically known for its dependability, and is found on many work sites, this popular RAM truck was also built for fun. The folks at Barry Sanders Supercenter are here to cover some basics of off-roading in your truck.

In order to control your RAM 1500 better, it helps to understand every aspect of your truck, inside and out. Along with reading the RAM truck user manual, you can also get a better understanding by simply driving it every day. No matter if you own the RAM 1500, RAM 2500, or any other pickup truck, you should be familiar with the following terms:

  • 4x4 High: Widely regarded as 4H, this is the 'all-purpose' 4-wheel drive setting. This system should be enabled when you are traveling at high speeds.
  • 4x4 Low: Also known as 4L, we recommend using this setting when your truck may be in a compromising situation. This setting allows more torque to be delivered to all four wheels, but your top speed will drop significantly.
  • Approach angle: This is a good term to know if you are planning on scaling some steep terrain. Essentially this term indicates the angle your vehicle can operate without any suspension parts or body frame making contact with the ground.

Now that you are a little more familiar with some off-roading terms, the next step is to ensure your RAM 1500 can handle your off-roading adventures. Make sure to swing by the Barry Sanders Supercenter to speak to a RAM service expert today. We will perform a multi-point inspection to ensure your truck is running in peak performance, and also install any MOPAR auto parts or accessories you need.

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