2014 Dodge Durango Can Sell Itself, But Ron Burgundy Helps Too

The all new 2014 Dodge Durango has been a super popular member of our Dodge new model lineup available here at Barry Sanders Supercenter in Stillwater, OK since its debut. The model has sold two or three times more than its predecessor did in a set period of time, and this year saw a year over year gain of 117 percent!

Now, these increased sales are attributed to new exterior styling, family-friendly features on the inside, and performance-oriented performance, but there is another attractive selling point on the new Durango SUV model. And that selling point is the fact that the model is advertised than none other than the legendary character Ron Burgundy, star of the upcoming movie Anchorman 2.

The ads were developed together by Dodge and Paramount Pictures, to promote both the Durango and the upcoming film. So, how have consumer responded to the ads?

Well, quite well, actually. The ad campaign launched in mid-October, and since that time, sales on the already quickly-moving model have increased ANOTHER 59 percent month over month. Also impressive, the YouTube channel Dodge set up for the campaign has quickly generated over seven million views. Pretty impressive, by almost anyone's social media standards.

Come take a test drive on this impressive, full size 2014 Dodge Durango model, here at Barry Sanders Supercenter. One of our friendly sales staff will show you around this or another Dodge model of your interest, and schedule you a test drive on whichever model has caught your eye.

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