Barry Sanders Supercenter Outlines Why It's Better to Travel in a Jeep Model Instead of by Air

The holiday season will be here before we know it and while this is a time for family to get together and catch up over delicious food, it can also be stressful when you factor in the traveling aspect. Jeep brand model owners have the luxury of avoiding the hassle that comes with holiday season travel by airplane, by taking their vehicles as their mode of transportation. Instead of flying, Barry Sanders Supercenter suggests you consider road-tripping in a new Jeep model in place of flying for the following reasons:

Why Jeep Models Owners Prefer Driving Over Air Travel

  1. Follow Your Own Itinerary: Many people travel by air for the holidays, making for long lines and delays. You never have to worry about this by taking your own Jeep model to follow whatever schedule you wish to set for yourself.

  2. Choose Who Sits Next to You: Instead of being randomly placed next to that person who is wearing too much perfume or wants to tell you their life story on a plane, you can pick who comes along with you for the car ride. Considering that its usually a close family member or friend, it's likely you'll have tons to talk about to make the trip go by quickly.

  3. Enjoy a Seat that Reclines: Sure airplane seats tilt back a few inches, but it's never enough and a flight attendant will determine when you can and cannot recline. In a Jeep vehicle, you can extend in your seat as much as you want for the ultimate level of comforts, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

If these perks sounds appealing for your holiday travel, stop by our Stillwater, OK showroom at 4120 W 6th Ave to view our impressive selection of new and used Jeep models, today.

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